Meridian Cacao Co. is a cocoa bean importer focused on efficiency and transparency in sourcing, importing, shipping, and warehousing logistics to ensure timely delivery of cocoa beans to chocolate makers. 

If you are a chocolate maker interested in sourcing and buying cocoa beans by the bag, or a chocolatier interested in chocolate products such as nibs, liquor, and couverture, please contact us. We look forward to talking with you about how we can meet the specific needs of your business. 

To buy cocoa beans in 10-pound increments visit our online store

For larger orders, below is some information on how to buy cocoa beans from Meridian Cacao Co. 


Meridian supplies representative cacao bean samples free of charge to registered businesses within the United States and Canada. Samples are 1 kilo each. If you would like a larger size sample for a more thorough evaluation, each origin can be purchased at our online store in 10-pound increments. 



Our cocoa beans are stored at East Bay Logistics in Oakland, California. We also stock beans at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon on occasion. Meridian serves the continental US and Canada by truck from our warehouses. We work with multiple freight companies to ensure the most competitive freight prices. 

Shipping by full pallet (8 bags of cocoa beans) ensures the best value in shipping cost. 

Please contact us directly for shipping quotes and delivery estimates, as those vary depending on location and size of shipment.


Payment Terms

For first time customers, payment by check, credit card, paypal, or wire transfer is required prior to shipment. Once a working relationship is established, credit terms can be discussed.




Meridian is proud to work with chocolate makers all over the world. Due to costs of repackaging we charge an additional $0.50/kilo for all exports. 


Meridian ships representative bean samples internationally. While the bean samples are free to registered businesses, due to the high cost of shipping abroad there is an $82.00 USD freight cost for freight.

Pallet orders

Meridian is well-equipped to export cocoa beans to chocolate makers around with world. We handle all export logistics to ensure reliable and efficient service. We currently ship to over 20 countries worldwide, including countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. 

For international orders, Meridian repackages cocoa beans into pallet-dense boxes and hermetic agriculture (GrainPro) bags to preserve quality during transit. These additional services make it cost efficient to receive less-than-container quantities of cocoa outside of the United States. 

We can provide phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin and any other necessary documents for international shipments.