Introducing the First Round of Trinidad Microlots

La Reunion Estate: 

The La Reunion Estate is a 200 hectare estate that serves as a research farm for the Cocoa Research Section (CRS), a research division of Trinidad’s Ministry of Agriculture. Learn more about La Reunion and its research on cacao varietals here

La Corona Estate: 

La Corona Estate is the site of the brand-new post-harvest processing facility in Tamana, Trinidad. Several farmers currently contribute to the facility and they include (followed by the names of their estates): Herman Ribeiro (The Haven), Herbert Pasqual (Maiden Voyage), and Calvin David (La Pastora). Leela Butcher, Stanley’s wife, is in charge of the fermentation facility. Read more about La Corona Estate and cocoa in Tamana here

Montserrat Cooperative: 

Montserrat Cooperative began in 2009 when 5 farmers opened the conversation about organizing together to revive the cocoa farms in the Montserrat region of Trinidad. Today, 48 large and small farmers contribute to Montserrat’s pool of excellent region-specific material. Learn more about the co-op and cocoa in Montserrat here

Santa Maria Estate:

Santa Maria Estate was originally established by the Spanish in the 1800s. Today, it is owned and farmed by Myrtle Ward, who originally bought all 280 acres in the 1970s. Since then, she has sold off portions, but still lives on a section with the original 1920s estate house. Read more about the history of Santa Maria estate here.  

Tabaquite Fermentary: 

Five of the microlots in our 2017 Trinidad container (Tabaquite, Chattergoon Estate, Biche, Rio Claro, and Cedros) were fermented, dried, and packed at the Tabaquite Fermentary, a small operation in Tabaquite Village run by Harryman Chattergoon and his family. Learn more about the fermentary and cocoa in Tabaquite here

Ramnath Estate: 

Ramnath Estate is owned by Vish Ramnath (also known as G), a 48 farmer with a commitment not only to the crop and the sustainable environment in which it is cultivated, but also to his workers who are just as committed to his vision for the land. Learn more about Ramnath Estate here