Presenting: Cloudforest Balao Bar


ORIGIN: Balao, Ecuador 

FARM: Camino Verde Estate

COST: $7

WEIGHT: 1 oz.

FLAVOR NOTES: Honeysuckle, walnut and guava.

ABOUT THE BAR: The Cloudforest, Balao Bar, is 73% cacao from the Camino Verde Estate in Balao Ecuador. Camino Verde grows Nacional cacao, harvested by owner Vicente Norero. Cloudforest is Cocanú’s single origin line of chocolate bars. Using simply cocoa beans and sugar, chocolate maker Sebastian, conches the chocolate for 3 days to tame the acidity and get an ultra-smooth texture. The 1 oz. bar is molded into a perfect square.

Camino Verde cocoa is fermented with select bacterias to highlight floral and nutty flavors. A technique Vicente is known for, which results in chocolate with deep flavor precursors and lowered acidity.

CHOCOLATE MAKER: Sebastian Cisneros has been making chocolate since 2007. Born in Quito, Ecuador, Sebastian studied Economics at University of Oregon before turning to the dark (chocolate) side. 

PACKAGING DESIGN: The tri-fold packaging brings a unique experience to the consumer. Two sleeves, nicely tucked into a third, brightly colored in coral, open to reveal the gold foil wrapped square bar. One sleeve reflects the bars purpose;

“…We hope this chocolate reflects the essence of all that brought it to being—

the feats of nature, the wisdom of Camino Verde caretakers and the devotion of our chocolate makers.”


A rectangular cutout on the front of the bar shows through to a cocoa leaf. Sebastian says, “The cacao leaves I pruned out of my cacao orchard in Ecuador, a secret little spot of mine that doesn't serve for chocolate production but for inspiration. To get there you need to go through a cloud forest, literally.”

All packaging and designs are created by Sebastian himself. 

FIND IT: Online at, local Portland, Oregon retailers; Barista, Cacao, Coava Coffee and Good Coffee.