Meridian Cacao Co. is a small operation based in Portland, OR, a city with a vibrant culture of artisan food production. With Portland as our home base we scour the world in an effort to bridge the gap between exceptional cocoa farms and the burgeoning craft chocolate industry. We work directly with cocoa producers to import and distribute their harvest to chocolate makers worldwide. Meridian supplies craft chocolate makers and chocolate enthusiasts with a variety of world-class beans, each with a different story, told through their unique flavor profiles.


Meridian strives to be a key mechanism in fostering prosperous farming communities by providing quality driven farmers and farm groups with meaningful, direct market access. Meridian believes in transparency in all aspects of the supply chain, and does so by partnering with farmers and farm groups who not only foster best practices environmentally and socially but redefine those principals. Meridian continually searches for innovative producers to share in this work.