Meridian Cacao Company was founded to bridge the gap between boutique cocoa farms and the burgeoning craft chocolate industry. Meridian scours the world, working directly for cocoa farmers to improve quality, import and distribute their finest ethically-produced cocoa, in increments from kilos to containers, to chocolate makers worldwide. Meridian supplies craft chocolate makers and chocolate enthusiasts with a variety of world-class beans, each with a different story, told through unique flavor profiles.

Meridian Cacao Company strives to be a key mechanism in fostering prosperous farming communities by providing quality driven farmers and farm groups with meaningful, direct market access. Meridian is not just a buyer nor an importer, but a partner in distributing cocoa from hard to reach places around the world. Meridian believes in transparency in all aspects of the supply chain, and does so by partnering with farmers and farm groups who not only foster best practices environmentally and socially but redefine those principals. Meridian continually searches for innovative farms to share in this work.


Meridian Cacao Company was founded in 2012 by Gino Dalla Gasperina. Dalla Gasperina studied economics at Portland State University. During his time living in Trinidad and Tobago Dalla Gasperina became increasingly interested in agriculture while working with the American Chamber of Commerce alongside the Ministry of Agriculture. Here he developed an appreciation for the intricacies of agribusiness.


Dalla Gasperina identified a hole in the bourgeoning industry of craft chocolate. While chocolate makers needed single origin specialty cacao that was ethically produced and equitably traded, cocoa farmers couldn't efficiently serve them because of the excessive costs due to economies of scale.

Dalla Gasperina journeyed across the world, visiting farms from Ecuador to Papua New Guinea, studying mechanisms and incentive structures that foster quality cacao, while building relationships with farms and cooperatives along the way. Meridian Cacao Company is Dalla Gasperina’s vision for specialty cocoa to be supplied to chocolate makers. Meridian is a cocoa distributor rooted in understanding the unique needs of both cocoa farmers and producers of fine chocolate.